Water Softeners / Water Filtration Residential Systems

Water Softeners / Water Filtration

Residential Systems

Introducing a simple treatment for better water, better life.

Quality water systems are designed to provide your home with better tasting drinking water, while also removing the various elements that may be present in hard water such as iron, calcium, sediment and rust.

Quality water systems consists of two primary components: water conditioning systems and the water filtration systems.  These two systems in your home will not only improve your water, they will also improve your way of life. 

Water softeners reduce hardness from the water, which can have several benefits for your whole house. Dishes will sparkle using less soap. Reduces soap scum and residue buildup on showers, tubs and sinks, adds life to dishwashers and washing machines.

Water Shield One Softener

Water Shield One Softener

The environmentally friendly Water Shield One softener monitors water use and regenerates only when necessary, conserving salt, water, and electricity. Robust flow rate of up to 27 gallons per minute of condition water, providing for the soft refined water demands of today’s larger homes. A double backwash feature offers the optimum regeneration cleaning ability and efficiency.


Water Shield Gold Softener

The Watershield Gold Softener is equipped with the advance technology of the Water Shield Gold Value. The Gold Value is easy to use and easily programmed. The Valve is equipped with an available relay output and contains innovative technologies such as usage history, diagnostic records and current flow rate.

Watershield Drop Softener

The Watershield Drop Softener takes efficiency and convenience to the next level with an easy to read backlit display and simple to use commands. Monitoring a water softener has never been easier. This environmentally friendly system offers maximized salt efficiency, and energy saving LED display among other things.

5600 12 days water softener

Fleck 5600 12 Day Softener

The 5600 Series Water Softener utilizes a simple mechanical design that is reliable and easy to understand. It is very economical with small annual power consumption. Available in the 5600 Econominder that is designed with a mechanical meter for demand regeneration for most efficient use and to avoid over or under regeneration of the water softener.

Did you know that bad water can destroy parts of your home, make you sick, and can smell bad and taste bad?  These are common reasons that people choose to use our water filtration systems. Knowing what you need or want from a Water Treatment System is essential to selecting the right system for you. We will test your water and determine what system or systems you need to improve your water quality and life. 

filtration water shield Sulfur Block

Sulfur Block

Provides a simple and effective solution that requires no chemicals or salt for regeneration. The media mix used effectively removes sulfur, hydrogen sulfide gas, heavy metals, bacterial growth, and other affecting contaminates.

Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters provide treatment options that can remove organic chemicals, excess chlorine, manganese, iron, rust, sediment, and chlorine residue. We have a variety of backwashing valves for you to choose from. This will leave your home with crystal clear fresh tasting, oil free water.

PH Neutralizer

PH Neutralizer

Acidic water can cause many problems within homes, plumbing, and water appliences. Acidic water an lead to leaks and corrosion in pipes and shorten the life of your water using machines. It will also prevent other water systems from working properly.